im da ish ka

young scholar. enthusiast. passionate lover. noble friend. book-worm.

my tumblr page is a quaint imagery of who i am as a person. enjoy

*good vibes and positive thoughts*

buuuuutt, i have been eating healthier and i also have been exercising more. So my body looks nice. I also observed that i may actually look better chubby.I have some big ass eyes as a thin person. 

studying for LSATs has basically taken away my soul. 

yea…i am definitely about that life of leaving my house right now. 

Black people police themselves so much in public



And they don’t even think about it. Don’t talk too loud, don’t make too many requests, don’t complain too forcefully about shitty service, put up with weird ass slightly racial compliments. And sometimes we joke about it like “lol! Better not do (normal human thing) cuz then people might think we’re uncivilized niggers” but it’s a painful constricting way to live. And not a type of way of living that non-Black people will understand


(via blackfashion)

I’m usually not okay. But that’s besides the point.

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